Biography of Osama bin Laden

Biography of Osama bin Laden:- He was born in 1957 in Djedda, Saudi Arabia, of Yemeni father and mother native of Syria. He was the son of the humble docker who managed to become the largest construction contractor in Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden’s father, Sheikh Muhammad bin Laden, an engineer and architect according to some sources, a simple peasant according to others, left his hometown of Hadramut in central Yemen in the early 1920s.

He reportedly settled in Hedjaz, Saudi Arabia, in 1932. There he made a colossal fortune through his relations with the Saudi royal family, who commissioned him numerous public works, and stood out as a rigorous and honest businessman. Her mother was reportedly not Muhammad bin Laden’s favorite wife, who had 54 children with 11 wives. One of them was Osama bin Laden.

Biography of Osama bin Laden

  • Born:- 10 March 1957, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Died:- 2 May 2011, Abbottabad
  • Years Of Services:-  1984–May 2, 2011
  • Battles/Wars:- Soviet War: Battle of Jaji; Global War on Terrorism: War in Afghanistan > Battle of Tora Bora;
  • Spouse:-  Amal al-Sadah (m. 2000–2011),
  • Children:-  Omar bin Laden, Hamza bin Laden, Saad bin Laden

When Muhammad bin Laden died in a helicopter crash in 1968, his immense industrial empire passed on to his children. Osama, at age 13, inherited $ 80 million. During his studies at DJedda University, bin Laden was influenced by one of his professors, Islamic fundamentalist Sheik Abdullah Azzam, bent on releasing the Islamic cause of foreign domination and encouraging Muslim youth to return to the strict Postulates of the Islamic faith. In 1979, after completing his studies at the University (he obtained an engineering degree at the University of Djedda after five years of study), he became part of the engineers of the family business.

From 1979, Osama Bin Laden begins to give importance to religion, no doubt as a reaction to the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. That same year the Islamic revolution swept the regime of the Shah in Iran and the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. His professional career was truncated; Osama left the company to join the armed movement that fought the Russian military presence in Afghanistan, following the call of the Jihad, the holy war.

Their mission consisted in collecting money to finance the resistance of the Islamist movements against the Soviet occupation troops. He also wrote violent tirades against the communists, not forgetting the “decadent” West as well. In 1980 he began to recruit pro-Afghan guerrillas and established his first camps. He was trained by the CIA and learned by instruction how to move money through ghost societies and tax havens; To prepare explosives; To use encrypted codes to communicate and hide.

At that time the United States provided its unconditional support to all Afghan groups because of its participation in the war against the USSR (between 1979 and 1989 the Americans gave nearly three billion dollars to the Afghan resistance, which favored bin Laden, And about 35,000 combatants from 40 countries were trained as guerrillas in training camps along the border with Pakistan). In 1988 he founded Al Qaeda, La Base, in Arabic. Most of its members are veterans of the Afghan war. The group has bases in Algeria, Uzbekistan, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Kosovo, Chechnya, the West Bank and Gaza.

The final break with its American allies came in 1990 when, in its combat against Iraq, the US deployed troops in Saudi Arabia, land of the Muslim holy sites of Mecca and Medina. Knowing that, after the Gulf War, the American presence was going to last longer on Saudi soil, Bin Laden multiplied his calls to overthrow the Saudi monarchy. This decision led first to his exile in 1991 and, two years later, the loss of Saudi citizenship. He moved to Sudan, where he remained for five years, but, due to US pressure, was expelled by the Sudanese government.

In 1996 he settled with his family in Afghanistan, establishing his first contacts with the head of the Taliban, the “mullah” Muhammad Omar. He gave her one of his daughters in marriage and a luxurious and spacious mansion was built in the Taliban feud where he lived with his large family (he has four wives and 13 daughters), spending nothing on improving the road and sanitary infrastructures of the city. That same year, echoing the demands of members of national security organs, President Clinton authorized the CIA to use all means to physically eliminate the Saudi billionaire and destroy the political and military structure created by it, but none Of the mercenaries hired by the North American espionage (it is spoken of more than a thousand), managed to fulfill the risky mission.

His organization set as priority targets the attack on the US and its allies in the Middle East. Bin Laden was responsible for the North American bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, which killed 263 people in 1998 and the US-Cole attack on Aden in October 2000, killing 17 people. It was estimated that he had a fortune of 300 million dollars.

After the attack on the Sept. 11, 2001, Twin Towers in New York, where thousands died, he became the most wanted terrorist, but neither the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan led to his arrest nor was it certainty On his whereabouts until ten years later: on May 1, 2011, US President Barack Obama announced that the al Qaeda leader had been killed in an operation carried out by US military commands at a residence in the Outskirts of the city of Abbottabad in Pakistan.