Biography of Michael Holding

Biography of Michael Holding :- Michael Anthony Holding was born 16 of February 1954 in Kingston Jamaica. He was a member of West Indies furious bowling attack of the 1970’s and 80’s. He was one of the deadliest bowlers of his times in International cricket. His family was attached with sports, the reason his father enrolled him in Melbourne Cricket Club nearby few days after his birth. Michael played in streets, woods, and grounds before he even reached double figures. The Whispering Death of West Indies was included as a replacement to the injured Bernard Julien on tour to Australia.

Biography of Michael Holding

  • Born:- 16 February 1954 (age 63), Kingston, Jamaica
  • Height:- 1.92 m
  • Test Debut:-  28 November 1975 v Australia
  • Spouse:-  Laurie Ann Holding
  • ODI Debut:-  26 August 1976 v England
  • Years:- Team

With a bowling average of 95 miles per hour, Michael was a natural successor to West Indian bowling attack. After his first tour to Australia, he emerged as a future hero for West Indian side. In the first few matches, Michael had already achieved the best bowling figures among his experienced teammates. He took 14 wickets in a single match and stood at number 19 in world’s best bowling figures in a Test match.

The biography of Michael Holding, “Whispering Death” was published in 1988 before Holding retired from International cricket. He was named due to his silent run-up to the crease. Back in 2010, after his successful career in the commentary, coaching, and media industry, Michael Holding released his biography, “No Holding Back”. The journal included his struggles, success, his education, and life after retirement and business ventures to a broadcasting career.

Michael Holding started his long term in cricket in 1975 against Australia playing a 6-match series on Australian soil. Both the teams were best in the world at the time. Michael Holding got an incredible opportunity in place of injured Julien. He opened up Windian attack with Andy Roberts, his pace and accuracy were right on the money from day 1, he was even quicker than the fastest Australian bowler. Australian media and players praised him that later made him a permanent member of the West Indian side. Critics say that Clive Lloyd was dumb enough to deprive holding a chance on the tour instead of opening the bowling attack from Julien. However, West Indies returned home carrying a burden of 5-1 series defeat. Also, Michael Holding’s pace was brutal; he was learning to swing more. Holding prepared himself for the home series.

Michael Holding again was selected as a replacement of Andy Roberts for the four-match Test series against India. This time, Michael Holding was the spearhead of West Indian bowling attack; he was the leading wicket-taker for West Indies, second-best in the series as West Indies cruised to the series victory in the end. With the reliable wicket taking abilities, Michael Holding was consistent and economical, he was picked for England tour in the next summers. As it happens in England, thehype was created for West Indies bowling attack and Holding was much appreciated for his bouncer to Dennis Amiss in a practise match.

Things got ugly after English captain’s press conference. However, the series started and West Indian bowlers, as expected were impressive with the ball. Michael Holding took his career-best bowling figures in the fifth match of the series taking 14 wickets in a Test match, his figures are still the most number of wickets by any West Indian bowler in a Test match. England lost their home series by 3-0 as they couldn’t stand the black squalls of the wind from the Caribbean.

For the next two years, the headline was Kerry Packer’s World Series comprising the West Indian players. Michael Holding was part of the first season of the controversial league, later he was ruled out of the second season. After the World Series, West Indies toured New Zealand after returning from an elongated series with Aussies before that. The tired West Indian squad was humiliated by poor umpiring decisions that led to ugly happenings by West Indian players in every match.

The next couple of years were peak bowling years for Michael Holding, he bowled better and better with time. Playing consistently against Australia and England, Holding was the most accurate pacer in the world. Opening the bowling attack with his first bowling partner Andy Roberts, both were the deadliest pair with the new ball in Test cricket. Together with Roberts, the pair took 216 wickets.  Michael Holding was phenomenal in hitting his quick deliveries right on to the middle stumps, his yorkers and extra bounce were his weapons that made him superior to others. Holding was fond of hitting sixes, to be exact, a fourth of his International runs came off sixes.

Holding After Retirement

After retirement in 1987, Michael Holding started his venture named Michael Holding’s Services Centre, he couldn’t provide enough time to the business ultimately packing it up. Referred by his friend, Michael Holding first commented on cricket as a sports analyst at Radio Jamaica. Sky Sports and then Channel 9 asked him to comment on cricket matches. Holding was also part of the Boling Action Review Committee after few suspicious bowling activities by bowlers worldwide. In 1999, when the committee was formed, Michael Holding was one the pioneers of it, he was the executive member of the review team. Afterwards, the committee was disbanded, after two years, ICC formed a new committee that asked Michael Holding to be part of it. He later resigned due to some issues with ICC, especially the controversial test match that was forfeited by Pakistan in 2008.


Michael Holding Stats & Records

Michael Holding holds a unique record of bowling 5473 deliveries without bowling any wide ball. Holding was also featured on $2 Stamp paper. Michael Holding Stats and records against Australia and England were incomparable, the way he dominated in fast bowling despite his asthma is inspiring.

Michael Holding Family and Personal Life

Michael Holding was born 16 of February 1954 in Kingston Jamaica. Michael Holding has a brother, Ralph Holding and two sisters, Rheima Hall and Marjorie Holder. Ryan is only child from his first wife, Cherine. He married Laurie Ann after his separation with Cherine.