Biography of Sergi Lopez

Biography of Sergi Lopez:- Spanish actor who has developed his cinematographic work on horseback between Spain and France. Sergi López was born on December 22, 1965 in Vilanova i la Geltrú, a coastal town near Barcelona, ​​to which he feels strongly attached. There he still resides with his family – his parents, his wife and a small daughter – and he shares with relatives and friends the free time that the shoots leave him.

Biography of Sergi Lopez

  • Born:-  22 December 1965 (age 51), Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain
  • Awards:-  César Award for Best Actor, European Film Award for Best Actor, Pasinetti Award for Best Actor
  • Nomination:-  Goya Award for Best Supporting Actor

It is curious to note that at the beginning of the career that led to fame was not interested in cinema. At sixteen, all she knew was that she liked the theater. After suspending the baccalaureate and making the decision to abandon the studies, he chose to be honest with his father and to raise his intentions. With the paternal consent, he was part of alternative circus companies and participated in street shows and performances at municipal parties. He later joined amateur theater groups and during 1986 and 1987 he attended drama courses with teachers Jorge Vera and Manuel Trillo at the Trel Theater in Barcelona and acrobatics at the El Timbal school, to which he returned In 1989 to teach clown classes with Pierre Byland.

Already with enough tables behind him (in addition to his work as an actor, he had been assistant director in the Còsmic show (1989), Llamp Teatre, and had been released as director in Velcru prupuisu (1990), Escarlata Circus ) And with very few on-screen appearances, he went to Paris, advised by his friend Toni Albà, to study acting at the École Internationale de Théâtre et Movement directed by Jacques Le Cock.

Once there he presented himself to a casting for a movie and was selected. They were La petite amie d’Antonio (1992), the first feature of the director and scriptwriter of Peruvian origin, Manuel Poirier, who proposed to him the main role. It did not matter that the artist spoke French with a Catalan accent, because it suited the character. So, at first glance and almost like a game, Sergi Lopez saw himself as the protagonist of a French film: could not believe it. In addition, his interpretation was recognized with the Prize Michel Simon. I was fortunate enough to face.

The multifaceted professional

His life was then an anonymous coming and going between Paris, Vilanova and Barcelona, ​​where his theatrical activity continued with increasing vigor. Together with Toni Albà he integrated the company Debòlit, and with the direction of that one he obtained the special prize of the critic of Barcelona to the best interpretation of the theatrical season 1993-1994 by the spectacle Until the bottom .

In 1994 and 1995 he directed, respectively, Vagabundos and Mafaska , for the Extremadura company Teatrapo. Again in Barcelona, ​​he participated as an actor in the Catalan Company of Gags and first approached the classical theater in Lisystrata , Aristophanes, under the direction of Angel Alonso. He had to prove himself in another way that of comic, and this one came from the hand of Albà with Brams or the kumèdia dels herrors, a whole success of critic and public.

However, no one knew Sergi López outside Barcelona’s theater-like circles. The opening shot was given by French cinema, and thanks to his friend Poirier, with whom he had already filmed four films. The success of Western (1997), a road movie that won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and several awards for best actor – among others, the International Film Festival of Sitges – . The film was very successful, both inside and outside of France.

Actor of character, he then intervened in an outstanding series of French and Spanish productions in which he moved like a fish in the water, with characters somewhat scabrous, close psychopaths or evil seducers, whose ambiguity managed to provoke the restlessness of the audience . However, he also demonstrated his dominance in other records, as with Harry, the forgotten friend who comes from the past to put things in their place and get their childhood partner to be happy.

The magnificent reception enjoyed by Harry, a friend who loves you (2000) by Dominik Moll, and the precise composition of the role of Sergi Lopez impelled the interpreter to an unexpected glory, not even dreamed, something like the coronation of a trajectory As short as effective. In February 2001, the César prize for French cinema (which had preceded the award for best European actor in 2000) for his work in that film meant a definitive endorsement of his career.

The sudden triumph of Sergi López in French cinematography had little to do with the experience of other interpreters. In general, the few cases of a certain resonance in the neighboring country occurred once his career in Spain was strengthened. Sergi López went the other way: he managed to be known in his own country when he had already gained prestige outside him. However, he is not an ordinary actor. It is not in front of the cameras, in which it often shows disturbing facets, or outside of them, when it presents itself as it is, with a naturalness that prevents any association with vanity.

Is there any actor in his category who shows without hesitation that he has no cinephile culture, that he has actually seen very few films, that they do not tell him the names of the directors and only guesses by his intuition when reading the scripts, and that , With the exception of the latter, which offer him on both sides of the Pyrenees , does not even read the press? In a world in which the image commands, this frankness seems to be his best weapon of conquest.