Biography of Roman Reign

Biography of Roman Reign: – Roman Reign was born on May 25, 1985, Pensacola, Florida, United States. His family is known as a family of the wrestlers or professional wrestlers. His birth name was Leati Joseph Anoaʻi and Roman Reign is the name, which he got from professional wrestling.

Biography of Roman Reign

  • Born:-  25 May 1985 Pensacola, Florida, United States
  • Full Name:-  Leati Joseph Anoaʻi
  • Height:-  1.91 m
  • Spouse:-  Galina Becker (m. 2014)
  • Siblings:-  Rosey

Roman Reign Stats & Records:

Besides, he has been a professional Canadian football player and belonged to the Anoaʻi family. In WWE he performed very well under the name Roman Reigns (ring name) and created a record by making his WWE debut as a member of the shield in 2012. Thus, from that time to until now he is known as Roman reign. From work as an enforcer to solo competitor he gave a lasting impression on his viewers always.

Many of us think that we can only struggle with one contestant. One person fighting with many seems like a hellish punishment, an unwinnable contest, or a never-ending nightmare. But there is a man who thinks it’s not a tough task; his name is Roman Reigns. People told him that he cannot achieve his goals. And he did an extremely hard work to prove himself.

Roman Reigns stats

  • Total number of matches: 812
  • Total number of draws: 23 (2.8%)
  • Total number of losses: 236 (29.1%)
  • Total number of wins: 553 (68.1%)

Roman Reigns Records:

Roman Reign won Championship and achievements are given below:

  • Slammy Awards won 7 times
  • Superstar of the Year award in 2014
  • “What a Maneuver” – Spear in 2013
  • Breakout Star of the Year with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in the year 2013 – SHIELD
  • Trending Now in the Year 2013 – #BelieveInTheShield
  • Faction with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in the year 2013 and 2014 – SHIELD
  • Royal Rumble was def. Rusev in the year 2015
  • WWE World Tag-Team Championship with Seth Rollins – SHIELD
  • Extreme Moment of the Year– Post TLC rampage in 2015
  • WWE World Heavyweight Champion def. Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, and Triple H (3 times)
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament def. Dean Ambrose in 2015
  • FCW Florida Tag-Team Championship with Mike Dalton (1 time)

Football career of Roman Reign:

Roman Reign had been a soccer player for three years when he was a college student. He won the title Defensive Player of the Year during his senior year at his college. Then, he was a member of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team at Georgia Institute of Technology with Calvin Johnson. Roman Reign attended the Edmonton Eskimos of the CLFin 2008. His best contest was in September with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and he got the extraordinary lead. However, on November 10, 2008, he got retirement from the football career.

Professional wrestling career:

Let’s see his professional wrestling career to know more about him.

  • World Wrestling Entertainment:
  • His records in WWE are remarkable.
  • Developmental territories (from 2010 to 2012)

He first knocked the door of wrestling as a professional wrestler in July 2010. At that time he made a contract with WWE. But, then he joined their FCW. He faced some initial losses at the start of his wrestling career. Though, He continued to play and tried hard to be a winner. He won a game on September 21 while playing with Fahd Rakman. Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose on 5 February and got the FCW championship. After his success in FCW, he started to work under the ring name “Roman Reign.”

The Shield (from 2012 to 2014)

On November 18, 2012, Roman Reigns got his television debut at pay-per-view with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. They all decided to name them as “THE SHIELD.” Their focus was to stand against the cruelty. They initially worked with punk, but then they decided to make a six-man match. Their contestants were Ryback, John Cena, and Sheamus and the Shield won the game. After this match, the Shield got the extraordinary popularity. The defeated Sheamus then thought to face them again. He then had a WrestleMania match with the shield along with the Big Show and Randy Orton. In this match, the Shield got the lead once again.

Reigns and Rollins got the WWE Tag Team Championship at Extreme Rules by defeating Team Hell No, On May 19.

Then, the Shield worked with the Authority and chief operating officer H.In August. Reign is a best solo competitor as well, and he worked at Survivor Series as a solo survivor or competitor.

Litigious progress to high-tier status (from 2014 to 2015)

When the dissolution of the Shield took place Reign then decided to work as a solo competitor. He participated in the pay-per-views. Unfortunately, he lost the title in the first match. But, eventually, he proved himself as a great wrestler. We can call him a green-than-grass professional, who got success at different events.

The World Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Champion (from 2015 to 2016)

He became a top number qualifier on the October 26 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However, he got an injury on November 4 by Seth Rollins. Then, he defeated Dean Ambrose in the final matches at Survivor Series, Alberto Del Rio in the semifinal matches, and Cesaro in the quarterfinal games. After these victories the first time got the World Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Championship.

Roman Reign Family and Personal Life

His family made many remarkable records. Familiar names of his family members are Yokozuna, The Usos, Rikishi and Roman Reigns. Besides, Peter Maivia  and Reverend Amituana’iAnoa’I was “blood brothers.”This connection comes with Sika and Afa, and both said that the Peter is their uncle. Peter wife was Ofelia “Lia” Fuataga, who is the mother of Ata (Feagaimaleata). Peter loved the daughter of his wife and took good care of her as his own. Then, when Ata was young, she married a wrestler, whose name was Rocky Johnson. The couple had a child Dwayne Johnson. The child had grown as a wrestler who wrestled under the names the rock and Rocky Maivia. But, later he became an actor. So, after knowing Roman reign family, let’s discuss his married life.


Roman reign wife:

Roman reign is a married man. He got married in December 2014 to his fiancée Galina Becker. They celebrated their marriage at Disney’s Castaway Cay. The couple knows each other since the college life.

Let’s have an introduction of his wife:

His wife is a beautiful woman born on March 11, 1987. Her birth place is Jacksonville, and she is now 29-years-old. Their daughter name is Joelle and Roman’s Reign loves her a lot. He feels a lot of love for his family members and always likes to take selfish with them. Also, he believes that no one can get an idea about the reasons of their selfish, which are full of craziness. Roman reign family supports him very much.

Roman Reigns songs

Roman Reigns’ theme song is “The Truth Reigns.” The original of which was the theme song of Shield’s “Special Ops.” Jim Johnston, a veteran WWE composer, created the both themes. He is a provider of all soundtracks for the WWE, WWE’s web content, video game soundtrack, and the entrance themes for Superstars and Divas. Johnston has created many popular items such as Triple H’s theme “King,” Stone Cold theme “I Won’t Do,” and The Undertaker’s theme “Rest in Peace.” He is working with WWE from 2014.

Roman Reigns Turtle

Roman reign had an attractive tattoo, which has a special meaning and symbolism. The symbol covered his right chest and arm area. He got that tattoo from the Michael Fatutoa, who is a legendary tattoo artist and works at Florida. The tattoo is an image of the turtle, and Roman Reigns dedicated it to his beloved daughter, which make it an emotional attachment. The artist created this design in the 17 hours.

Roman Reigns Market value

Roman reign earns about $456,000 in a year, According to Forbes. Likely he will get an increment in his salary a little to $525,000 due to his new contract for 2017. He is receiving the current bonus of $151,833. However, his winning bonus was $101,000 in 2015.

Therefore, we can estimate his current net worth as $3,000,000. In 2014, his initial salary was almost $227,750, but his winning bonus was $67,500. So, his past estimated market value was $810,900. As mentioned above, in 2015 his salary was about $314,138, and the winning bonus was $101,000. Thus, his estimated market value was almost $1,000,000 for 2015.

Steve Austin’s and Roman Reigns Stats & Records Comparison

Steve Austin was a famous wrestler of his century. He was in WWE since 1995, but then, in 2003 he stopped his wrestling career. His record was an incredible record of his era; had 200 wins, 37 draws, and 98losses. If we see Roman Reign’s win-loss record, he worked with WWE for Six years and got 437 wins, 24 draws, and 226 losses. Perhaps, it is not a good sense to compare Steve Austin with Roman Reign. But, it’s just a sharing to make the people aware who think “Steve Austin was overexposed too.”

Paul Heyman said that Roman Reigns is a man who is hugely successful in any era. He is a man who got an incredible win-loss record due to his fast speed, stable power, and extraordinary sports entertainment ability, which comes from his great ancestors. Many people don’t like him. I know that people also don’t like other great and famous athletes such as Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan etc. So, in my opinion, the dislike of some people cannot stop their career. Surely, it will never hold down the smooth entertainer of this generation. Countless people are the fan of those great athletes and are enough to support and encourage them. After the discussion of Roman Reigns Stats & Records let’s check the Biography of Roman Reign.

After discussing Biography of Roman Reign let’s check the unusual facts about Roman Reign.

Some Rare Facts about Roman Reign

  • He does not smoke.
  • He consumes alcohol.
  • He was a football player at his college time during his senior year. He got the title “Defensive Player of the Year” from Pensacola news journal.
  • He joined the American football team In May 2007. But, they released him from there within the month. Later, in August 2007, he acceded to the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • At the 2014 edition of Royal Rumble, he broke the record of 11 eliminations made by Kane. He created a record of eliminating 12 superstars.
  • Roman reign and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are cousins because their grandfathers were blood brothers.