Biography of Justin Bieber

Biography of Justin Bieber: – Canadian pop singer whose early musical career was early recognized with the MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Artist, which was awarded in September 2010. At the same time, the number of his followers on Facebook amounted to thirteen million. And the youngest artist, who turned 16 on March 1, 2010, had managed in just two years to form a true legion of fans around the world and beat sales records until now unthinkable for a debutante musician.

Biography of Justin Bieber

  • Born:-  1 March 1994 (age 23), St. Joseph’s Hospital, London, Canada
  • Parents:-  Patricia Mallette; Jeremy Jack Bieber
  • Labels:-  Island; Teen Island; RBMG; School Boy; Def Jam
  • Awards:-  American Music Award for Artist of the Year,
  • Educayion:-  St. Michael Catholic Secondary School (2012), Stratford Northwestern Secondary School

The son of Pattie Mallette, a woman of deep religious convictions who had to educate him without paternal support, little Justin showed his early musical skills: at twelve he won second prize at a local singing competition held in Stratford. Soon after, her mother got the idea of ​​filming her performances and hanging them on YouTube. By then, of course, Justin Bieber had no repertoire of his own, and he sang famous songs from some of his favorite artists, such as Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake and Usher.

It can be said that Justin Bieber is another emblematic case of the new generations of artists that arise with and thanks to the Internet and the global vortex of social networks and electronic word of mouth. For his videos on YouTube was discovered casually by Scooter Braun (co-owner with Usher of the company RBMG), who quickly got in touch with Pattie Mallette and made him see the enormous potential of his son. Justin made a recording in Atlanta and shortly after aroused the interest of Usher himself. From the rapper’s hand, Bieber signed for RBMG and Island Records in October 2008, and, along with his mother, settled in Atlanta.

The success was thereafter dazzling. He had not yet completed the recording of his first album when his first single, One Time (July 2009), was placed on the top 20 of the Canadian Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 100 charts and became platinum in the USA and Canada, and gold in Australia and New Zealand. The theme, a love song highly praised for its lyrics, wisely combined pop with touches of R & B and hip-hop; Justin’s delicate voice did the rest.

In November of 2009 appeared its first album, My World that in its first week would reach sixth position of the Billboard. From it were extracted three singles also best-selling: One less lonely girl, Love me and Favorite girl. With a fusion of pop and R & B that has seen the influence of Michael Jackson, and promoted through numerous live performances on television, My World definitely launched Justin Bieber to stardom. At Christmas 2009 he sang for Barack Obama and his family at the White House in January 2010 presented the Grammy Awards gala and shortly afterwards released his second album, My World 2.0, which reached number one on the Billboard in its first week, milestone never achieved by an artist of its age since the times of Stevie Wonder .

The new album, actually presented as a second part of the first, showed a more mature Bieber and a greater attachment to R & B than its predecessor. After a series of performances on television and in different cities of the United States and Canada, Bieber began in June 2010 promoting the worldwide scale of this second album with the world tour My World Tour. While its popularity continued to increase, came the first recognitions of the industry: in September 2010 received the MTV award for best artist for his single Baby (preview of My World 2.0), whose video was the most seen on YouTube two months before.

With such beginnings as these, it is evident that the career of this young man with shy appearance and angelic factions will still have a long journey. The attraction is such that on more than one occasion have had to suspend their concerts: the number of fans that congregate exceeds so much the forecasts that the organizers cannot guarantee the safety of the event.

Bieber, however, did not consider him a star for adolescent consumption. On one occasion he stated: “I believe that adult people can appreciate my music because I sincerely show my heart when I sing, and that is not cursively. I think I can continue to grow as an artist, and my followers will grow with me.” And faced with the unthinking optimism of other young performers, he said: “Real life is not perfect, and my songs try to reflect it. We can only try to extract the best of what we have.” This was evident in topics such as Down to earth, about the traumatic experience of divorce of his parents.