Biography of Jose Luis Abellan | Spanish Thinker and Philosopher

Biography of Jose Luis Abellan: – Spanish thinker and philosopher, He studied high school at the Ramiro Institute of Maeztu and a degree in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Madrid, where he graduated in 1957; Three years later he obtained a doctorate in philosophy from the same university. He taught in Puerto Rico, Northern Ireland and later as a professor at the Universidad Completeness de Madrid.

Biography of Jose Luis Abellan

His most important work is the Critical History of Spanish Thought (in seven volumes, 1979-1992), in which he synthesizes the evolution of ideas and philosophy in Spain since Roman times, attending to the Latin, Arabic and Hebrew substrate Configures peninsular thinking and the birth and development of national identity. In 1981 he received the National Essay Prize for the first three volumes of this work, whose edition was finalized in 1992.

He dealt with the theme of Spain in works like Vision of Spain in the generation of 98 (1968) or Culture in Spain. Essay for a diagnosis (1971), subject also present in its direction of the collective work the Spanish exile of 1939 (six volumes).

He is also author of El erasmismo español (1976) and Paris, or the world is a palace (1987), work of narrative character. Among his publications of the nineties is the essay titled José Gaos how does a philosopher adapt to Mexican culture? (1993) and Ideas for the 21st Century (1994).

In his attempt to recover lost or forgotten authors, Abellan has edited the works of Alfonso de Valdes, Fernando de Castro, Perez de Oliva and Alonso de Castrillo, among others.