Biography of Jamie Foxx

Biography of Jamie Foxx :-American actor very popular in his country thanks to his own show of television, and that gained international notoriety due to its interpretation of the musician Ray Charles in the film of cuts biographical Ray , of Taylor Hackford, by which it obtained The Oscar for best lead actor.

Biography of Jamie Foxx

  • Born:- 13 December 1967 (age 49), Terrell, Texas, United States
  • Full name:-  Eric Marlon Bishop
  • Height:- 1.75 m
  • Albums:-  Intuition, Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses, Peep This, Unpredictable, Best Night of My Life, Jamie Foxx
  • Children:-  Corinne Foxx, Annalise Bishop

Jamie Foxx, who is actually named Eric Bishop, was born in Terrell, Texas, on December 13, 1967. His mother, Louise Anette, was an adopted child, a biographical trait that, curiously, was repeated in Jamie himself, of whom His grandparents, Mark and Ester Talley, took over when their parents separated. The future actor was then a baby of only seven months.

From a very young age, Foxx received a careful musical training. Not for nothing Mark and Ester were devotees of soul and funk, so little boy Jamie grew up listening to Marvin Gaye and Lionel Ritchie records. In addition to singing in the church choir, and encouraged by his grandmother, he took piano lessons since he was four.

The boy grew up in a healthy environment. He was a disciplined boy scout and soon began to excel in golf (practicing on the courses aimed at colored people in the segregationist Country Club) and American football: he even enjoyed some notoriety as a college quarterback . At that time, he occasionally practiced as a pianist in a jam session held at jazz clubs in towns near Terrell.

As early as adolescence, Foxx demonstrated a great facility for verbal gag. One of his professors in the institute frequently used his jokes when students were bored. In 1986 he enrolled in the International University of Alliant, where he moved to the University of San Diego in 1988 to perfect his music studies. He also felt the worm of the interpretation, and soon they were revealed in him dowries of comedian.

It was a girlfriend of his who encouraged him to get on the stage for the first time and make the audience laugh with their occurrences. At that time his imitations of the then President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, caused a furor. So much so that Foxx decided to shape his passion for comedy by acting regularly in party halls. Contrary to other actors who prefer improvisation, he carefully prepared his own shows.

King of Comedy

In 1991 Foxx participated in the comic series of television In Living Color, program in which also would be fired future comedians of resounding success in the industry of the cinema like Jim Carrey or Wayans brothers. Only a year later came his debut on the big screen. It was in Toys , directed by Barry Levinson and starring another great comedy actor, Robin Williams.

For a few years, Foxx set aside his acting career to focus on recording and recording his first album, Peep This (1994). Although the album did not have an overwhelming success, it served to reinforce its relation with the Warner. A year later he returned to television to star in the C-Bear and Jamal series. It was then that the Warner offered to Foxx a great opportunity that did not waste: a program of own humor. The Jamie Foxx Show remained on the air for six years and made the Texas actor a celebrity in the United States. However, turned out to be the cinema, finally, the channel with which Foxx could happen to the history.

Thus, in 1999 it was filmed under the orders of Oliver Stone One Sunday any , its first film with enjundia in many years. Playing in the role of a quarterback was not difficult, given his university experience in football. The multifaceted Foxx also composed two of the themes of the soundtrack.

The year 2000 began with a special event: it was the first guest of the new millennium in the popular program Saturday Night Live. He also shot Bait , an action film by Antoine Fuqua in which he did not take on the stature of his chances as an actor, which was not the case with Ali , a biopic about the life of boxer Muhammad Ali in which he worked the following year. The director, Michael Mann, gave him the role of Drew Brown, the fighter’s advisor, played by Will Smith.

In 2002 Foxx achieved spectacular ratings with its first comic special for HBO: Jamie Foxx: I Might Need Security. As it could not be otherwise, that popularity resulted in his film price: on the day he turned thirty-seven announced that he had become the first actor in history to receive three nominations for the Golden Globes.

When director Taylor Hackford began filming Ray , the next film work Foxx after acting alongside Tom Cruise in the action film Collateral , the actor had already interviewed many times with vocalist Ray Charles. Foxx’s preparation work to make the biopic credible was extraordinary. Probably his affinity with black music favored the empathy between Ray and Jamie, which resulted in an extraordinary characterization that caught the attention of the components of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood.

About the first meeting between the two, the actor stated: “We sat down to play the piano. Ray asked me if I could play a blues. I said yes and we started to improvise. He started playing some of Thelonious Monk and I decided to follow him, even though I missed a couple of notes and he said, ‘Why the hell did you do that?’ He was a perfectionist. ”

For his work on Ray , Foxx was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor, and for his role in Collateral he opted in parallel to Best Supporting Actor. He won the first statuette, while he snatched the second veteran Morgan Freeman for his role in Million Dollar Baby . The presentation of the award was not lacking in emotion. Foxx had words of thanks for Ray Charles and his grandmother, and was pleased to have met the color actor Sidney Poitier, who, in his own words, served as a guide and inspiration throughout his career.

At the end of 2005 Foxx was working on the filming of the film version of Miami Vice , again under Mann. Sadly, racism was once again a sad topic during this latest shoot: when two members of the technical team were insulted by a double (named David Brown) making allusions to the Ku-Klux-Klan and feigning a lynching, Foxx Demanded the immediate dismissal of the same.

Father of a girl, Corine (1995), the last rumors about his private life related him sentimentally with the also actress and producer Salma Hayek. Although apparently known for years and the representative of the Mexican actress said that Salma’s interest was strictly professional, the paparazzi saw them together repeatedly walking the streets of Miami.