Biography of George Clooney

Biography of George Clooney :- Thanks to the television series Urgencias , his elegant appeal and the variety of his record as an actor allowed him to develop since the 90s an upward career. His early achievements as an independent director, on the other hand, highlighted his social and political concerns.

Biography of George Clooney

  • Born:-  6 May 1961 (age 56), Lexington, Kentucky, United States
  • Height:- 1.8 m
  • Spouse:-  Amal Clooney (m. 2014), Talia Balsam (m. 1989–1993)
  • Children:-  Alexander Clooney, Ella Clooney

Raised in the bosom of a family of artists (was nephew of the actor Jose Ferrer), being still a child moved with his family to Cincinnati and soon felt attraction by the cameras; Made his first television appearance at age five in a show featuring his father, Nick Clooney. He studied drama at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and to devote himself full to acting he had to give up being a professional baseball player, rejecting an offer from the Cincinnati Reds.

Contrary to his father’s advice, who advised him not to devote himself to the art world, he worked the summer of his 21st year in a coffee plantation, where he collected money that would serve him to move to Los Angeles and try his luck as actor. After a difficult debut, managed to participate in a feature film with Charlie Sheen, although the film did not reach the production stage and was unpublished.

For ten years he devoted himself almost exclusively to television, with little success. But from 1994 until 1999 he played Dr. Douglas Ross in the series ER , one of the great hits of television in the United States, and ended up becoming a middle star. Clooney was nominated several times for the Emmy and the Golden Globe, and the series received the Best Performance by the Screen Actors Guild of the United States.

His acting career progressed dramatically in a very short time, and his film roles changed radically. Open until dawn (1996), by Robert Rodriguez, was his first hit on the big screen. In it, Clooney and Quentin Tarantino (scriptwriter and executive producer) played two murderous brothers in flight to Mexico.

Considered by all kinds of publications and surveys as one of the most attractive men on the screen, he exploded his romantic side in Michael Hoffman’s comedy Unforgettable (1996), opposite Michelle Pfeiffer. It was chosen for the role of bat man in the blockbuster Batman and Robin (1997), of Joel Schumacher, with what happened to be one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood. After being filmed in secret and appearing on the television show Entertainment Tonight without his permission, he began a long personal and legal battle against the tabloid press.

In Mimi Leder’s The Pacifier (1997), she played a military rebel matched with Nicole Kidman , and in Steven Soderbergh’s A Very Dangerous Romance (1998), she played a leading role with Jennifer Lopez. In this last Clooney gave life to a robber who has a strange history of love with the federal agent that follows to him. Based on a novel by Elmore Leonard, she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay. In Three Kings (1999), of David Russell, interpreted to an American soldier displaced to the Iraqi desert during the Gulf war.

Clooney consolidated his successful career with two new films released in the year 2000. In the first of them, The Perfect Storm of Wolfgang Petersen, the actor was enrolled in a classic adventurous film with very careful special effects that was a blockbuster in the entire world. The second, O brother , is a particular version of Homer’s Ulysses Cohen brothers located in the deep south of the United States, where Clooney plays the head of a particular gang of convicts fleeing a Missisipi jail.

In 2002 participated in two new projects, Welcome to Collinwood and (again to the orders of Soderbergh) Solaris . He returned to work in 2003 with the Coen brothers to embroider an extraordinary role in Intolerable Cruelty . In 2004 he starred in Ocean’s Twelve , the second part of Ocean’s Eleven that was not as successful as the first.

Clooney’s debut as an independent director immediately placed him among the most prominent in Hollywood’s liberal sector. With only two films, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) and Good Night and Good Luck (2005), his work behind the camera has deserved the best criticism and opened the debate on the themes that dominate the current panorama of the planet: The war for oil, famines, and the manipulation of fear and other issues of current news. In Good Night and Good Luck he inquired into Senator McCarthy’s “witch hunt” through the journalist who was able to confront him, Ed Murrow.

Also in 2005 he starred in Syrianna , a film about shady oil business. Golden Globe and Oscar received in 2006 as best supporting actor for his role of disillusioned CIA agent in Syriana , as well as Oscar nominations in the categories of best director and best screenplay for his film Good Night and Good Luck , Corroborated his ability to work at the highest level in front and behind the cameras.