Biography of Bill Goldberg

Biography of Bill Goldberg:- William Scott Bill Goldberg was born in 27-Dec-1966. He is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, actor, former mixed martial arts color commentator and former professional football player recently signed to WWE under ring name Goldberg, showing performance on RAW brand.

Biography of Bill Goldberg

  • Born:- 27 December 1966, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
  • Height:- 1.93 m
  • Weight:- 121 kg
  • Spouse:- Wanda Ferraton (m. 2005)
  • Debut:- June 23, 1997

Bill Goldberg Stats and Records

In the area of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Goldberg is best known for his time where he performed for WCW between 1997 and 2001. At the peak of Monday Night Wars he was considered as the top star. Between 2002 and 2003, Goldberg also wrestled for All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) & between 2003 and 2004 he wrestled for WWE. Goldberg is considered as one of the most dominant superstars who have entered in the ring according to WWE.

Goldberg is two-time World Champion in professional wrestling including one-time World Heavy Weight Champion in WWE and one time World Heavyweight Champion in WCW. He is also one-time WCW World Tag Team Champion (with Bret hart) and two-times WCW United States Heavyweight Champion. Goldberg had long undefeated streaks within WCW from 1997 to 1998 in single competition; there was official count of 173 – 0.

Additionally multiple pay per view events are headlined by Goldberg for WWE and WCW involving Starrcade, closing WCW’s premier annual event. The Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock said that Goldberg is most hot person in the history of this business.

Goldberg was professional football player before starting his professional wrestling career. He started working as commentator for the mixed martial arts promotion until its closure after retiring from professional wrestling. From 2009-2011, he hosted twenty six episodes of Garage Mahal which is related to the DIY network.

Early Life:

Goldberg was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the place of temple Israel he had bar mitzvah. He was graduated from the Tulsa Edison High School. He was interest in the game of football in his early age and he became bouncer at the age of 16. Goldberg’s father, Jed, was obstetrician & gynecologist while his mother, Ethel, was a classical violinist. His parents divorced and his father died in late 2006. Flowers are also breed by the mother of Goldberg who developed an award-winning hybrid orchid, which she named after Goldberg. The brother of the Goldberg, Michel, owns a musical club in Aspen, Colorado.

Goldberg has feeling of pride for having Jewish heritage and he is not willing to conceal this in wrestling world. Additionally he is not willing to wrestle on Yom Kippur. Marcel was his Romanian great-grandfather who had migrated from Bucharest to the U.S through Ellis Island.

Football Career:

A scholarship for playing for the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team was earned by the Goldberg where he served as defensive tackle. In the 1990 NFL draft, he was picked by the Los Angeles Rams in the 11th round, with the 302nd overall selection and he played for NFL till 1995. He was suffered from injury in 1995 after which he ended his football career.

Professional Wrestling Career:

Goldberg’s professional wrestling career includes the following

  • World Championship Wrestling
  • All Japan Pro Wrestling (2002-2003)
  • World Wrestling Entertainment (2003-2004)

World Championship Wrestling:

  • Training & Early Matches:

Goldberg started power lifting and mixed martial arts training after his football injury and was spotted by sting and Lex Lugar who motivated him for trying professional wrestling. He started training at WCW Power Plant as an alternative to his football career.

Goldberg made five appearances as working Bill Gold. At first appearance at a Monday Nitro event on 23 June 1997on a dark match where he defeated Bloody Lee Parker. He further faced and defeated Buddy Landell, HughMorrus, Chip Minton and John Betcha.

  • Undefeated Streak:

Goldberg defeated Hugh Morrus on September22 episode of Nitro in his debut match. After that he quickly defeated his fellow wrestlers in 1-2 minutes. His continuous victories made him singles wrestler. Goldberg defeated Steve McMichael by making his pay per view debut at Starrcade. From there he become successful by continuously defeating his opponents and was renamed as Goldberg. Goldberg defeated Raven and won his first professional wrestling championship of the United States heavyweight Championship.

The Goldberg continuously defended his United States Heavyweight Championship and was slowly became a contender for WCW World Heavyweight Champion which was held by Hollywood Hogan. Goldberg defeated Hogan and became WCW World Heavyweight Champion and successfully defended his title against page later. The Goldberg undefeated streak terminated at Starrcade at an official count of 173 – 0. After retaining title for 174 days, he lost his title match Kevin Nash with the interference by Scott hall.

  • All Japan Pro Wrestling (2002-2003):

Goldberg joined All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) in August 2002 after he suffered an arm injury during Toyota race. He defeated Taiyo Kea and Satoshi Kojima. His popularity in Japan led him to sign the WWE.

World Wrestling Entertainment (2003-2004):

In March 2003, Goldberg signed one year contract with the WWE after leaving Japan. He feud with The Rock initially and defeated The Rock on his debut match. Goldberg then defeated Christan and Chris Jerrico. Goldberg feuded with triple H for a long time in his first World Heavyweight championship elimination chamber match in which he eliminated Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and Jerrico but Triple H pinned him with sledgehammer which was thrown into the ring by the Ric Flair. In this way Triple H retained the title. He defeated Triple H later at Unforgiven by putting his career on the line for the World heavyweight Championship. In a match with Shawn Michaels, Batista attacked Goldberg and destroys his ankle. Later he had match with Batista but he was again interrupted by Triple H.In the later Survivor Series Goldberg defeated triple H and retain the title despite interference from the evolution. Later he confronted Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton in handicap match at the end of match the evolution beated him and Kane came there to beat evolution but later also make a chokeslam on Goldberg. Goldberg also won six-man tag team match against Kane, Batista and Randy Orton. Later on at Armageddon Goldberg lost the title match by interference from evolution.

At survivor series Goldberg met Brock Lesnar first and their feud continued. Brock Lesnar interfere Goldberg during Royal Rumble due to which Goldberg was eliminated from Rumble. The Goldberg interfered the match of Brock Lesnar with Eddie Gurrero which made the Brock Lesnar to loss the match as well as the title. At final the Brock Lesnar demanded match with Goldberg which was held on WrestleMania XX in which Steve Austin was guest referee. Goldberg won that match and had victory over Brock Lesnar as 1 – 0.

In 2016, Goldberg returned to the WWE after 12 years and has feud with the Brock Lesnar. In the Survivor Series 2016, Goldberg faced Brock Lesnar for the second time in history and he defeated the Brock Lesnar in just only 1 minute and 26 seconds by hitting two consecutive spears and one jackhammer. After Survivor Series, Goldberg declares that he will participate in 2017 Royal Rumble. Paul Heyman addressed the Survivor Series match by declaring that Brock Lesnar underestimate the Goldberg and Brock will also participate in 2017 Royal Rumble where he will prove something to the world.

Other Working Fields:

Besides these aspects, Goldberg also worked in mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion as color commentator. Hel also worked as actor in a number of films and TV serials.


Bill Goldberg Family and Personal Life

Goldberg married Wanda Ferraton, a stunt double on April 10, 2005. He met her wife during film making. They have one son together named Gage and reside in Bonsall, California. He co-owns and runs the amateur boxing facility and Extreme Power Gym Muay Thai. He additionally has over 25 vintage cars.