Biography of Aga Khan IV

Biography of Aga Khan IV:- Political and spiritual leader of the Nizarites, his real name is Karim (‘Karwm’). He was the son of Ali Khan (Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations), and thus the grandson and heir of Aga Khan III. His grandfather moved with his family to Switzerland during World War II. Karim studied at the prestigious Harvard University. On 13 July 1957 he succeeded his grandfather, Aga Khan III , to the detriment of his father Ali Khan, and was officially proclaimed in the Tanzanian locality of Dar es Salaam on 19 October.

At present, Aga Khan IV is the spiritual leader of fifteen million Ismaili Muslims who believe that he is the direct descendant of Ali, the son-in-law of Mohammed married to his daughter Fatima; and therefore, their representation on earth. Aga Khan IV is the four-hundredth imam of Shiism.

Biography of Aga Khan IV

  • Born:-  13 December 1936 (age 80), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Nationalty:- British
  • House:-  Fatimid Caliphate
  • Spouse:-  Inaara Aga Khan (m. 1998–2011), Salimah Aga Khan (m. 1969–1995)
  • Education:-  Harvard University, Institut Le Rosey
  • Sibblings:-  Yasmin Aga Khan, Patrick Benjamin Guinness, Prince Amyn Aga Khan

After World War II he lived in Switzerland and studied at the prestigious Le Rosey School in Rolle. In the elitist Swiss school he shared studies with such characters as the Duke of Kent, the future King Baldwin of Belgium or Prince Victor Manuel of Italy, among others. At the age of eighteen he entered Harvard University, where he excelled as a good student.

His way of life at Harvard, despite his immense family fortune, was surprising because of his extreme frugality; I had little clothes and money and I did not even have a car of my own. His passing at Harvard University was marked by his naturalness in dealing with his fellow students and teachers, as well as his significance in the intellectual field as a good student, even outstripping the general average. It took part in numerous complementary activities, always referring to the Arab world and the Islamic culture. He also stood out as a good athlete, especially in hockey, soccer and skiing.

In 1954, following the wishes of his grandfather, he made a trip through a number of African countries and the eastern region of India. When the Aga Khan III died on July 11, 1957, the family was in Geneva. The late Imam had the power to choose his successor freely among all his offspring, and considering that times were changing at great speed, he decided to choose his grandson Karim, considering that he was the most prepared to deal with the new challenges that the Ismailis were going to have to face.

Due to his rise to the imamate in 1957, when he was only 20 years old, he had to drop out of Harvard for a year, in order to complete the whole ritual of his new position and make a series of obligatory visits to the different Ismaili communities of the world. A large number of ceremonies took place in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Kampala, Karachi and Bombay. For a total of 18 months he was traveling without rest. Finally, in 1959 he graduated with honors at Harvard University.

As a business man, Aga Khan IV is the majority shareholder of the Italian financial firm Fimpar, which took control of the Ciga hotel group and created and promoted the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, a meeting place for world society. In 1967 he created a foundation that bears his name. From the Foundation, Aga Khan collaborates with United Nations development programs and carries out important philanthropic works. He is the president of an impressive business and financial framework that reports him enormous annual profits, with which he has not only maintained the fortune achieved by his grandfather, but has been able to increase it. He was married to Salima Aga Khan, from whom he divorced and with whom he had three children: Princess Zahra and Princes Rahim and Hussain.